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Partnering with elite companies, TCC accelerates financial research through algorithmic trading and comprehensive valuation

Ambition when it matters

We produce large-scale solutions

Peachtree Group
Peachtree Group
Automating creation of asset management models for Peachtree Group's deals exceeding $50mm.
Engineering technical analysis indicators and a full-stack dashboard for TradeChoice LLC.
Pioneering a LLM-powered art-style recommendation system for WXLLSPACE's full-stack platform.
TCC Platform
Built up a comprehensive full-stack membership management automation platform for TCC.
TCC Back-tester
Designed our in-house back-testing engine for algorithmic trading and charting.
TCC Algo Suite
Compiled together a diverse array of trading algorithms from Double-EMA to Delta Hedging.

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Instead of an application, we ask you contribute to one of our open-source projects listed above to be listed as a developer. Analysts and developers will be assigned to our corporate projects and receive direct access to our portfolio fund.

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